Carmichaels First United Methodist Church

Sunday School

Sunday School offers people of all ages a chance to explore and learn about God's word. It is a key factor along with church services, and is highly recommended. All are welcome to attend. Classes are available to both children and adults, and start at 9:45AM Sunday mornings. If you are looking to gain a better knowledge of the Bible, then please feel free to come to one of our classes and try it out.

Below is a list of the different Sunday School classes offered, along with the names of the instructors that teach them:

Children's classes (In order of grade levels)

  • Preschool - Shay Sheldon
  • K through 1st - Kim Pollock
  • 2nd through 4th - Nancy Britner
  • 5th through 7th - Betty Russo
  • Jr and Sr High - Carol Wheeler

  • Adult Classes

  • Young Adult - Mark Willis
  • Adult - Carl Wheeler and Sandy Townsend
  • Explorer Adult Class - video series

  • If you have any question about Sunday School classes, please feel free to contact the church office at 724-966-7123.